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"Speak when you are angry -- and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret." - Laurence Peters

Up until about April 2016, I was anti-social media. I thought people wasted way too much time on it. I also liked to live a private lifestyle and social media appeared to be just the opposite.  I started to engage more in social media because I thought it would help grow our business. I also wanted people to see what our business was doing for the community.  I am now a regular "poster" and host my own blog. One year ago, I would have told you that social media is a waste of time and you should stop. I probably spend too much time reading blogs and "facecreepin" old friends, but I enjoy it!  I love seeing what my old friends are up to and it encourages me when I see they are doing well. I love to see pictures of their children and family, but I HATE when people curse, rant, belittle, and destroy people's viewpoints.  I am not sure if we are all aware that social media is forever!

1. WHAT KIND OF SOCIAL MEDIA LEGACY DO YOU WANT TO LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN? I often see posts that I would not want my kids to read. They have terrible language and often degrade people.  I also see inappropriate content that makes me want to look the other way.  I can hear it now, "That is your job to teach your children about right and wrong." I agree, but I ask myself, "In ten years, how do I want my kids to view me?" or "What do I want to leave behind for them and their friends to see?" I am in no way perfect. I curse, I yell, I rant, I get angry, but I do not and NEVER will post it.  I have a motto, "If my kids shouldn't read it, I will not post it."  

2. EMPLOYERS ARE "FACECREEPING" MASTERS! If you post yourself drinking and partying every weekend, your employer will see it. If you bash on your boss or your place of employment, your boss will see it. If you put vulgar language and statements out there, your boss or future employer will see it.  Employers use social media to hire and fire people.  Of course, each employer has their own discretion in this matter of the consequences.  It is most likely that what you post on social media for millions to see is a direct reflection of how you handle your personal life.  Be wise with what your are posting, a future employer could be watching. 3. SOCIAL MEDIA CAN BE USED AGAINST YOU! We have all seen or read a story where social media has been used in a court case. Whether it is bullying, saying something out of spite, or joking, it is something that someone might take more serious than you or others.  We all get angry and we want to say things to people out of that anger. Posting your rants about others can often time come back to hinder you in a serious situation. I see people ranting, name calling, and degrading other people out of anger. Perhaps you should think twice before you post, as it could be your future at stake.  Degrading others is something that might come back to haunt you later on down the road. Take a break before you send that angry social media post.

4. POLITICAL PERSPECTIVES! We all have an opinion on the current presidential race.  We should all work hard to support why we will support either candidate.  I often see many bashing Trump and Hillary publicly. You cannot take those degrading comments back. Regardless of your political affiliation, support your argument and display it in a logical or reasonable fashion. Saying she or he is and idiot make you look like an idiot. Have a reason for your post and be able to support it. It is imperative to remember that what you post and share might be something that will haunt you in the future. Employers, friends, community members and acquaintances now define you as a person, professional or employee based on your social media posts.  Social media has changed the way we think and communicate. After you post it, you cannot take it back.  Communication is a powerful tool. Use it wisely.

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