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HATERS GONNA HATE- Five ways to drown out the haters

"Haters will broadcast your failures but whisper your success." Sometimes I take to heart what people say to me, positive or negative. Unfortunately, the negative sticks to me the worst and it eats at me. Hater's comments make me question "Why am I doing this?, "Maybe they are right?","Am I really able to operate a business?" "Is this worth the time, effort and money?" Haters and Critics will wear you down and cause you to fail if you allow them to.

Why Haters Hate: I may never understand this. Perhaps people fear change. Maybe it is jealousy. A lack of faith in who is doing it? Are haters just grumpy, negative people? Perhaps they do not want you to have more success than them. Have they just been proven wrong?  It is strange when people change their outlook on life and take a risk how many Critics and Haters begin to show up in their lives. 

5 Kinds of Haters: 

Pessimists:  There is nothing worse than sharing an idea or a proposal and the first response is something like, "That is going to be a lot of hard work!" "You think you can handle the stress?"

All knowing Haters: "Have you thought about....?" "You know "so and so" tried that and failed." "That is never going to work?"

The Silent Haters: It might be even worse when you get the slanted lips and wrinkled forehead look with no response. It is easy to see that they do not agree with your life choices.

Behind the back Haters (the worst kind): I can handle a Hater who questions me to my face and asks me the hard questions because it makes me reflect on those questions. The worst Haters are the ones who smile and say, "You are going to do great. I am so excited for you." An hour later as they are in their car driving home, their faith and encouragement in you has taken a 180, "He is never going to get that to work. He just doesn't have what it takes." You know those people in your life. Success Haters: Probably the most common type of Hater. We see it all the time in the media. The most wealthy people such as successful business owners, sports figures, musicians, etc. get "hated on" constantly. This is evident in smaller settings as well.  We push people to be successful and do their best in all facets of life. When those people reach a point of success in their lives, society turns THEIR success into a negative. 

Unfortunately, we care deeply about what others think of us. We say we don't, but we all do. Haters will only derail your dreams IF you let them. 5 Ways to Drown out the Haters:

1. Ignore their comments and find new people to spend your time with. You will become who you spend your time with. More often than not the Hater commenting on your life choice to run a business has never stepped outside of their comfort zone.  Consider the source of the person who is questioning your motive before you take it to heart.  Arguing will get you nowhere and boasting will make it worse. Although, sometimes it is good to have a little reflection time. You can learn from others even if they are negative. If Haters bother you, spend more time with like minded people who share in your goals.

2. You will never make it if you never GRIND! Take the Haters' words and turn them into a positive for you. PROVE THEM WRONG! Sometimes I do my best work when I have been "hated on." It motivates me to do better, to prove that I am not what they think I am. Focus on YOU, YOUR business, and YOUR goals. Don't let them derail your dreams and goals. Use your haters as motivators!

3. Don't Hate. It is easy to get upset and despise the person that doubted you, but kill them with kindness. Some people are trying to get a rise out of you.  Always be cordial. It shows them that their words will not detract you from your goals. It also teaches you to be disciplined and mature. The person you are speaking with might not get it, but I assure you that the onlookers will.

4. Realize that you can't please everyone. People out there will hate the work you do, hate the way you do it, hate your prices, hate the way you operate, and hate you. It is a fact of life that you cannot please everyone. Believe me, I have tried. I lost sleep, money, and more importantly time with my family. We should do our best to please the majority, but if you cannot please a customer after doing your work the best way you know how, stop doing business with them. Focus on the customers that love the way you and your team operate. You will NEVER please them all, but be considerate and try to help people who are unhappy with you and they might just come around.

5. Have faith in YOU!  Most people get into business to control their own destiny. If you don't have faith in the person in the mirror, you will fail. People will try to bring you down with worldly excuses like, "The economy sucks that is why you're failing." Don't believe it. You are in control of your fate don't let the Haters dictate how your life will operate.

How you react to the HATERS and CRITICS in your life will define you and your business. Rise above and accomplish your dreams.

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