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Introduction: Why we set up this blog

Starting any kind of business is scary! Our overall goal of this weekly blog is to share our business experiences with others. We want to share our business failures and successes to readers in hopes that it will TEACH and HELP others that can relate. Our company is very small, but we are in the process of growing and we want to take readers with us on that journey. My wife and I have read A LOT of business books from some very bright minds. I can tell you about the "geniuses" who have made millions and how they did it, but that is not the purpose of this blog. The author's of those books have given us great ideas. A business should be a reflection of YOU and YOUR dreams. Business is not one size fits all, and that is the beauty of it. Finding yourself in your business and being YOU is highly critical to success. We are not millionaires, but we are small business owners who want to HELP others LEARN. Some of our ideas have failed miserably and some are showing promise. We hope this blog will help business owners and people reach their dreams. Some of our post ideas will appear like "no brainers." We oftentimes get caught up in our profit margins and life that we forget those "no brainers." Making a successful business starts with some MAJOR foundation work and we learned the hard way in some cases. If you are looking for the ins and outs of turning a dollar into a million overnight, this is not the blog for you. We are not going to share how much or little money we make or others make. We have no super secrets to reveal. We want to relate to people who have dreams and want to follow them. We want people to read our experiences and say, "Ooooof! Remind me to not try that." Or "Man, that is a great idea that could help our business too!" "Every expert was once a beginner" -unknown-

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