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-A spouse is the most important and influential part of a business-

My wife has been an impact on the success of our company and a bigger impact on the lives of people within our community. She researches charities, keeps our website updated, takes care of our payroll, books, and works a full time job. I can't ask for a better partner in this business adventure.

I believe it is true what they say, "Behind every good man is a good woman." My wife has proven this time and time again.  It is extremely important that your spouse is involved in your business and invested just as much as you are. If your spouse is fully invested and believes in the work you are doing, it is a win-win for your business and your family. I am taken off-guard sometimes by people who have no idea what their spouses do in their business or how they do it. Your business reflects you and your family and not knowing and understanding makes no sense to me. If you work a full time job or are a stay at home parent, you should understand the role your spouse plays in the business community.  Having my wife engaged and involved in our business has been a huge blessing. It has made us a better team. We have learned to work together not only within our business but also our personal lives.

Money and misunderstandings are two of the most common issues in marriage. Keeping those in check will grow and strengthen your marriage.


1. Built in support system As we all know, business and life are never perfect. When things aren't going your way, we often turn to those we know we can vent to and who understand us. Having a spouse who gets the struggles of business can be there to support, encourage and offer suggestions. My wife has always been there to listen and offer her advice when I am struggling to make a decision. She is always honest and doesn't "sugar coat" the truth. Having her involved has helped with major decisions and progress of our business.  The people close to you will usually be the most honest.

2. Creating new visions My wife and I are always bouncing new ideas off of each other at home. It is fun and we get to converse about how to better our business. It is often that we look at each other with crazy eyes when we introduce an idea, but who else would you want criticism from? Your spouse can oftentimes see the things you are missing in your business and in your personal life. It is critical to work together to develop ideas and strategies to grow your business.  It is important to share and discuss with your spouse. It will lead to thoughtful and meaningful conversations.

3. Invested If your spouse is invested in your business, he/she will make more of an effort to understand and help. I used to operate without much say from my wife but now I rely on her efforts and opinions. She has become more engaged and understanding.  Most importantly, she has a stake in the business and wants to make efforts to make it grow and succeed. Your spouse will be more engaged if they have a say in the business and the decisions being made. Allow your spouse to be invested in the decisions that will effect both of your lives.

4. She (my wife) gets it She gets the frustration. She celebrates the success. She gets the idea. She gets why there are good and bad days. There is nothing more frustrating than leaving your spouse in the dark. When your spouse does not fully understand your motives in business, life, etc., it can lead to misunderstandings.  When she understands the why and how, she can understand the frustration and success. We often celebrate and give credit to each other when things are going well. When things go South, we work together to create a solution. Keeping your spouse involved will lead to better understanding.

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